Sketch Version (by Chad)
Ability Snow Angel
Type Icon TypeIce Icon TypePsychic
Species Queen of Hearts Pokémon
Weight 103.9 lbs 47.12 kg
Height 5'00" 1.52 m
Color Red
Habitat Cave
Experience 1,000,000 at Lv. 100
Gender 100% 0%
EV Yield 3 Sp. Atk
Egg Group Humanshape

Benevolunt is a dual-type Ice/Psychic Pokémon.

She evolves from Jynx when leveled up holding the Glacial Tiara. She is the final form of Smoochum.



Benevolunt is a humanoid Pokémon resembling a woman of regal standing. The eyes of a Benevolunt are a glossy black, her lips a bright shade of red and her hair a golden bob. A motif of black diamonds can be found along the base of a scarlet gown, while on her cheeks are two red hearts; a crown is found atop the Benevolunt's head denoting her resplendent nature. It would also appear that her "bosoms" are revealed on her dress.

Gender DifferencesEdit

Benevolunt is a female-only species with no male counterpart.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Benevolunt has the ability to manipulate snow and ice and also exhibits profound psychic abilities. She is the only Pokémon, along with Jynx, that is able to learn Lovely Kiss, and along with Manaphy, the only Pokémon to learn the attack Heart Swap.

When in a hailstorm, the power of Benevolunt's special abilities are increased.


They are very lonely Pokémon who wander frozen caverns and mountains singing a sad song. Those in captivity are said to develop a high maintenance attitude. They expect their every demand to be met and need constant pampering. As a result they are a favorite amongst the rich in Hadysium.


Benevolunt are very rare in the wild. They are usually found in the northern mountain ranges of Hadysium.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex EntryEdit

To better suit its needs, Benevolunt build castles made of ice to live in. This has earned her the nickname "Empress of the Tundra" amongst her admirers.


Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Total 540

In-Game SpriteEdit

JynxevoBenevolunt shiny


By Level-UpEdit

Level Move Type
-- Pound Icon TypeNormal
-- Lick Icon TypeGhost
-- Powder Snow Icon TypeIce
-- Hyper Voice Icon TypeNormal
-- Heart Swap Icon TypePsychic
05 Lick Icon TypeGhost
08 Lovely Kiss Icon TypeNormal
11 Powder Snow Icon TypeIce
15 DoubleSlap Icon TypeNormal
18 Ice Punch Icon TypeIce
21 Mean Look Icon TypeNormal
25 Fake Tears Icon TypeDark
28 Wake-Up Slap Icon TypeFighting
33 Avalanche Icon TypeIce
39 Body Slam Icon TypeNormal
44 Wring Out Icon TypeNormal
49 Perish Song Icon TypeNormal
55 Blizzard Icon TypeIce
59 Psychic Icon TypePsychic

By TMEdit

TM Move Type
01 Focus Punch Icon TypeFighting
03 Water Pulse Icon TypeWater
04 Calm Mind Icon TypePsychic
06 Toxic Icon TypePoison
07 Hail Icon TypeIce
10 Hidden Power Icon TypeNormal
12 Taunt Icon TypeDark
13 Ice Beam Icon TypeIce
14 Blizzard Icon TypeIce
15 Hyper Beam Icon TypeNormal
16 Light Screen Icon TypePsychic
17 Protect Icon TypeNormal
18 Rain Dance Icon TypeWater
21 Frustration Icon TypeNormal
27 Return Icon TypeNormal
29 Psychic Icon TypePsychic
30 Shadow Ball Icon TypeGhost
31 Brick Break Icon TypeFighting
32 Double Team Icon TypeNormal
33 Reflect Icon TypePsychic
41 Torment Icon TypeDark
42 Facade Icon TypeNormal
43 Secret Power Icon TypeNormal
44 Rest Icon TypePsychic
45 Attract Icon TypeNormal
46 Thief Icon TypeDark
48 Skill Swap Icon TypePsychic
52 Focus Blast Icon TypeFighting
56 Fling Icon TypeDark
58 Endure Icon TypeNormal
60 Drain Punch Icon TypeFighting
66 Payback Icon TypeDark
67 Recycle Icon TypeNormal
68 Giga Impact Icon TypeNormal
70 Flash Icon TypeNormal
72 Avalanche Icon TypeIce
77 Psych Up Icon TypeNormal
78 Captivate Icon TypeNormal
82 Sleep Talk Icon TypeNormal
83 Natural Gift Icon TypeNormal
85 Dream Eater Icon TypePsychic
86 Grass Knot Icon TypeGrass
87 Swagger Icon TypeNormal
90 Substitute Icon TypeNormal
92 Trick Room Icon TypePsychic

By Move TutorEdit

Move Type
Encore Icon TypeNormal
Heal Bell Icon TypeNormal
Switcheroo Icon TypeDark
Fake Tears Icon TypeDark
Ice Punch Icon TypeIce
ThunderPunch Icon TypeElectric
Meditate Icon TypePsychic
Seismic Toss Icon TypeFighting
Double-Edge Icon TypeNormal
Swift Icon TypeNormal
Counter Icon TypeFighting
Mirror Coat Icon TypePsychic
Metronome Icon TypeNormal
Signal Beam Icon TypeBug
Headbutt Icon TypeNormal
Zen Headbutt Icon TypePsychic
Psycho Boost Icon TypePsychic
Consult Move Tutor page for more info.

By Egg MovesEdit

Move Type
Fake Out Icon TypeNormal
Ice Punch Icon TypeIce
Meditate Icon TypePsychic
Miracle Eye Icon TypePsychic
Nasty Plot Icon TypeDark
Psych Up Icon TypeNormal
Wish Icon TypeNormal

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