Capri Town is located in the southeastern part of the Hadysium region. It is the starting town from which the main character and one of their rivals hails from. It is located near Capri Forest and considered the suburb of Thistle City. Capri Town is most renowned for its former status as a ninja town. All of its residents live in treehouses off the ground.

Places of InterestEdit

Player's HouseEdit

This is where the player lives before the beginning of their journey. The player's mother Pauline, father Sako grandmother Professor Hera and two younger twin sisters Diane and Artemis live here. It is two floors. The children's bedrooms are upstairs. In the player's room you find a giant world map, a computer, a rug and a bed. In the twins room you'll find two beds, a bookcase and a computer. Downstairs there is an open kitchen, a living room, the player's parent's bedroom, the player's grandmother's bedroom and the player's father's office. It is here you get your first Pokémon from your grandmother as well.

Sacred SpringsEdit

Capri Town is famous for its hot springs. Instead of talking to a family member to heal, you can fully restore your Pokémon's health in these springs.


Its population is 7. This makes it the smallest town or city in all of Hadysium. 5 of the 7 occupants are related to the player.


Item Name Location
Potion --
TM76 (Stealth Rock) Rock Smash Required
Running Shoes Gift from Mother
Contest Pass Gift from Grandmother

Map InformationEdit

Your hometown and a former training site for ninjas. It is an unique town full of tree houses, most abandoned. Noted as the residence of Master Detective Suko and the retired Professor Hera.

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