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Ability Sand Veil
Type Icon TypeGround
Species Sand Pit Pokémon
Weight 73.8 lbs 33.47 kg
Height 3'05" 1.12 m
Color Brown
Habitat Urban
Experience 1,000,000 at Lv. 100
Gender 12.5% 87.5%
EV Yield 2 HP
Egg Group Ground

Dusteon is a Ground-type Pokémon.

It evolves from Eevee when it is leveled up at The Ancient Tar Pits.



Gender DifferencesEdit


Special AbilitiesEdit

It can "melt" into the sand and disappear. It can summon blinding sandstorms and massive earthquakes.


It is incredibly rare in the wild, so its behavior has been rarely recorded. However, the few that have appear to be very shy and will disappear from view as soon as they can. But in captivity, it is a fierce battler who can be easily trained.


Very rare in the wild. They do however prefer wet, muddy areas.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex EntryEdit

It prefers to live in warm, muddy areas. It will fire off powerful earth-based attacks to scare off any potential predator.


Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Total 525

In-Game SpriteEdit



By Level-UpEdit

Level Move Type
-- Tackle Icon TypeNormal
-- Tail Whip Icon TypeNormal
-- Helping Hand Icon TypeNormal
08 Sand Attack Icon TypeGround
15 Mud Bomb Icon TypeGround
22 Quick Attack Icon TypeNormal
29 Swift Icon TypeNormal
36 Power Gem Icon TypeRock
43 Slack Off Icon TypeNormal
50 Last Resort Icon TypeNormal
57 Sandstorm Icon TypeRock
64 Agility Icon TypePsychic
71 Earth Power Icon TypeGround
78 Fissure Icon TypeGround

By TMEdit

TM Move Type
05 Roar Icon TypeNormal
06 Toxic Icon TypePoison
10 Hidden Power Icon TypeNormal
11 Sunny Day Icon TypeFire
15 Hyper Beam Icon TypeNormal
17 Protect Icon TypeNormal
21 Frustration Icon TypeNormal
23 Iron Tail Icon TypeSteel
26 Earthquake Icon TypeGround
27 Return Icon TypeNormal
28 Dig Icon TypeGround
30 Shadow Ball Icon TypeGhost
32 Double Team Icon TypeNormal
37 Sandstorm Icon TypeRock
39 Rock Tomb Icon TypeRock
42 Facade Icon TypeNormal
43 Secret Power Icon TypeNormal
44 Rest Icon TypePsychic
45 Attract Icon TypeNormal
58 Endure Icon TypeNormal
68 Giga Impact Icon TypeNormal
71 Stone Edge Icon TypeRock
76 Stealth Rock Icon TypeRock
78 Captivate Icon TypeNormal
80 Rock Slide Icon TypeRock
82 Sleep Talk Icon TypeNormal
83 Natural Gift Icon TypeNormal
87 Swagger Icon TypeNormal
90 Substitute Icon TypeNormal

By Move TutorEdit

Move Type
Heal Bell Icon TypeNormal
Switcheroo Icon TypeDark
Fake Tears Icon TypeDark
Earth Power Icon TypeGround
Double-Edge Icon TypeNormal
Weather Ball Icon TypeNormal
Superpower Icon TypeFighting
Headbutt Icon TypeNormal
Zen Headbutt Icon TypePsychic
Iron Head Icon TypeSteel
Consult Move Tutor page for more info.

By Egg MovesEdit

Move Type
Charm Icon TypeNormal
Covet Icon TypeNormal
Curse Icon TypeUnknown
Detect Icon TypeFighting
Fake Tears Icon TypeDark
Flail Icon TypeNormal
Tickle Icon TypeNormal
Wish Icon TypeNormal
Yawn Icon TypeNormal

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