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Ability Pressure
Type Icon TypeGhost Icon TypeBug
Species Scarab Pokémon
Weight 273.6 lbs 124.10 kg
Height 6'04" 1.93 m
Color Purple
Habitat Rare
Experience 1,250,000 at Lv. 100
Gender 0% 0%
EV Yield 3 Sp. Atk
Egg Group None

Benevolunt is a dual-type Ghost/Bug Pokémon.



Gender DifferencesEdit

Ebaracus is a genderless species.

Special AbilitiesEdit

It can send forth hordes of locusts and other deadly plagues to punish those who spite it.


No Ebaracus have been observed in the wild. Legend states that it is a kind, gentle creature who punishes those who offend it.


There is no solid proof of Ebaracus's existence. It is said to live in the world behind the Heaven's Gate.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex EntryEdit

In legends, its considered the guardian of the Heaven's Gate. It has the ability to send powerful plagues to destroy those who offend it.


Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Total 680

In-Game SpriteEdit



By Level-UpEdit

Level Move Type
-- Shadow Sneak Icon TypeGhost
-- String Shot Icon TypeBug
05 Ancientpower Icon TypeRock
09 Bug Bite Icon TypeBug
13 Silver Wind Icon TypeBug
18 Bug Bite Icon TypeBug
24 Power Gem Icon TypeRock
29 Shadow Ball Icon TypeGhost
35 Bug Buzz Icon TypeBug
41 Mean Look Icon TypeNormal
44 Aura Sphere Icon TypeFighting
49 Plague Icon TypeBug

By TMEdit

TM Move Type
04 Calm Mind Icon TypePsychic
06 Toxic Icon TypePoison
10 Hidden Power Icon TypeNormal
12 Taunt Icon TypeDark
15 Hyper Beam Icon TypeNormal
18 Rain Dance Icon TypeWater
19 Giga Drain Icon TypeGrass
20 Safeguard Icon TypeNormal
21 Frustration Icon TypeNormal
22 Solar Beam Icon TypeGrass
26 Earthquake Icon TypeGround
27 Return Icon TypeNormal
28 Dig Icon TypeGround
29 Psychic Icon TypePsychic
30 Shadow Ball Icon TypeGhost
32 Double Team Icon TypeNormal
36 Sludge Bomb Icon TypePoison
41 Torment Icon TypeDark
42 Facade Icon TypeNormal
43 Secret Power Icon TypeNormal
44 Rest Icon TypePsychic
46 Thief Icon TypeDark
47 Steel Wing Icon TypeSteel
49 Snatch Icon TypeDark
51 Roost Icon TypeFlying
58 Endure Icon TypeNormal
61 Will-O-Wisp Icon TypeFire
62 Silver Wind Icon TypeBug
65 Shadow Claw Icon TypeGhost
66 Payback Icon TypeDark
67 Recycle Icon TypeNormal
68 Giga Impact Icon TypeNormal
70 Flash Icon TypeNormal
77 Psych Up Icon TypeNormal
79 Dark Pulse Icon TypeDark
81 X-Scissor Icon TypeBug
82 Sleep Talk Icon TypeNormal
83 Natural Gift Icon TypeNormal
84 Poison Jab Icon TypePoison
85 Dream Eater Icon TypePsychic
87 Swagger Icon TypeNormal
89 U-turn Icon TypeBug
90 Substitute Icon TypeNormal
92 Trick Room Icon TypePsychic

By Move TutorEdit

Move Type
Heal Bell Icon TypeNormal
Switcheroo Icon TypeDark
Pain Split Icon TypeNormal
Sucker Punch Icon TypeDark
Earth Power Icon TypeGround
Double-Edge Icon TypeNormal
Swift Icon TypeNormal
Mirror Coat Icon TypePsychic
Superpower Icon TypeFighting
Signal Beam Icon TypeBug
Headbutt Icon TypeNormal
Zen Headbutt Icon TypePsychic
Shadow Force Icon TypeGhost
Consult Move Tutor page for more info.

By Egg MovesEdit


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