Hadysium is located west of Hoenn. It is the setting of Pokémon: The Ruby Dagger Murders. The names of the cities in Hadysium are based on articles of clothing or materials (Culotte, Cottonwood, Sarong). Professor Hera of Thistle City offers the Starter Pokémon known as Botanuki, Aracnire, or Ribitot to trainers beginning their journey.

Hadysium isn't based on a real life place but it is partly inspired by the Middle East, Australia and Egypt. The name is a reference to the name of the resting place of the dead in Roman Mythology.


Hadysium is mostly dominated by an expansive desert. There is a mysterious lake located at the south of the desert. A small forest is found to the east that serves as a reminder of the lush forest that used to dominate Hadysium. To the north is a large mountain range. This mountain range prevents the warm winds of the south from reaching anything on the other side. This creates a frozen environment (despite the southern location of Hadysium). To the southwest are the only two hugely populated islands in Hadysium. Cloak Island is home to a tropical jungle full of dinosaur Pokémon and a research facility geared towards Fossil Pokémon. Mantilla Island features the largest city in Hadysium and one of the largest in the world. It features the Delph Company, the equivalent of Silph Co. and Devon Corp in the region.



  • Capri Town
  • Thistle City
  • Tweed Town
  • Silkcrest City
  • Petticoat City
  • Culotte City
  • Guernsey City
  • Cottonwood Town
  • Henley City
  • Cloak Island
  • Mantilla Island
  • Sarong City
  • Bodice City

Areas of InterestEdit

  • Capri Grove
  • Ancient Graveyard
  • Cloak Jungle
  • Felianas Temple
  • Pinnacle Lighthouse
  • Fearow's Point
  • Shell Cove
  • Giant Beehive
  • Abandoned Power Plant
  • Forbidden Gardens
  • Heaven's Gate
  • Purgatory's Gate
  • Hell's Gate
  • Tundra Beach
  • Henley Resort
  • Cottonwood Ranches
  • Lake Carthage


Due to Hadysium's seclusion from the rest of the nearby continents, they don't follow a similar route naming system. So their routes start from Route 1 and on.


Gym LeadersEdit

Trainer Location Specialty
Trainer falkner
Tweed Town
Blight Badge
Icon TypePoison
Trainer whitney
Silkcrest City
Static Badge
Icon TypeElectric
Trainer faustino
Petticoat City
Foul Badge
Icon TypeDark
Trainer sabrina
Guernsey City
Pit Badge
Icon TypeGround
Trainer candace
Henley City
Rubble Badge
Icon TypeRock
Trainer erika
Mantilla Island
Tinder Badge
Icon TypeFire
Trainer brock
Sarong City
Alloy Badge
Icon TypeSteel
Trainer clair
Bodice City
Vision Badge
Icon TypeGhost

Elite FourEdit

Trainer Location Specialty
Trainer volkner
Hadysium League Arena 1
No Badge
Icon TypeFighting
Trainer janine
Hadysium League Arena 2
No Badge
Icon TypeNormal
Trainer blue
Hadysium League Arena 3
No Badge
Icon TypeWater
Trainer wake
Hadysium League Arena 4
No Badge
Icon TypeFlying
Trainer jasmine
Champion's Room
No Badge
Icon TypeUnknown

See AlsoEdit

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