A move tutor is a non-player character who will teach a Pokémon moves that are not normally able to be learned through level up, TMs, or HMs. These characters are scattered across Hadysium.

Unlike most games, there is no "cost" to teaching your Pokémon moves. You are usually asked to complete a simple task and then you have access to the tutor's moves. There are no limitations on the number of times you can teach a particular move.

Simone - "The Blind Witch"Edit


Simone resides in a small house east of Thistle Town near the Abandoned Coal Mines. She practices dark magic with her Vulpix and Stunky at her side. She lost her visions years ago. Some say she may be immortal. She loves visitors though and will offer them a place to rest.

She will teach your Pokémon her moves if you bring her a Zubat caught in the Abandoned Coal Mines. After defeating the Elite Four, she will offer you a Zubat with the move Brave Bird as a congratulatory present.

Moves TaughtEdit

Move Type
Encore Icon TypeNormal
Heal Bell Icon TypeNormal
Switcheroo Icon TypeDark
Fake Tears Icon TypeDark
Pain Split Icon TypeNormal

Hiei - "The Aspiring Dojo Master"Edit

Moves TaughtEdit

Move Type
Fire Punch Icon TypeFire
Ice Punch Icon TypeIce
Thunderpunch Icon TypeElectric
Meditate Icon TypePsychic
Seismic Toss Icon TypeFighting

Lars - "The Fossil Maniac"Edit

Moves TaughtEdit

Move Type
Sucker Punch Icon TypeDark
Heat Wave Icon TypeFire
Earth Power Icon TypeGround
Double-Edge Icon TypeNormal
Outrage Icon TypeDragon

Aphrodite - "The Lonely Heiress"Edit

Moves TaughtEdit

Move Type
Swift Icon TypeNormal
Weather Ball Icon TypeNormal
Counter Icon TypeFighting
Mirror Coat Icon TypePsychic
Metronome Icon TypeNormal

Carmen - "The Beautiful Contest Master"Edit

Moves TaughtEdit

Move Type
Aqua Tail Icon TypeWater
Superpower Icon TypeFighting
Signal Beam Icon TypeBug
Extremespeed Icon TypeNormal
Seed Bomb Icon TypeGrass

Tyrone - "The Headbutting Aficionado"Edit

Moves TaughtEdit

Move Type
Headbutt Icon TypeNormal
Zen Headbutt Icon TypePsychic
Iron Head Icon TypeSteel

Wallace - "The Hoenn League Champion"Edit

Moves TaughtEdit

Move Type
Surf Icon TypeWater
Waterfall Icon TypeWater

Falkner - "The Violet City Gym Leader"Edit

Moves TaughtEdit

Move Type
Fly Icon TypeFlying

Britney - "The Hadysium Champion"Edit


Britney is the Champion of the Hadysium Pokémon League. She is also the reigning pop star whose music is currently dominating the charts. She has taken a liking to the hero and is willing to aid them in anyway - besides forfeiting a match. She can be found at her home in Cottonwood Town.

She will only teach you her special moves if you have defeated her at the Pokémon League and have completed the objectives set out by the other Move Tutors (other than Pietro).

Moves TaughtEdit

Move Type
Frenzy Plant Icon TypeGrass
Blast Burn Icon TypeFire
Hydro Cannon Icon TypeWater
Draco Meteor Icon TypeDragon
Volt Tackle Icon TypeElectric

Pietro - "The Mysterious Monk"Edit


Not much is known about Pietro. In fact, you're the first person he has revealed his name to. He "resides" at the top of the Nova Lighthouse.

He will only teach you his moves if you defeat him in battle.

Unlike the other Move Tutors, each move he has can only be taught once. He will only teach fully evolved Pokémon with the Effort Ribbon his moves.

Moves TaughtEdit

Move Type
Aeroblast Icon TypeFlying
Sacred Fire Icon TypeFire
Psycho Boost Icon TypePsychic
Seed Flare Icon TypeGrass
Shadow Force Icon TypeGhost

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