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Ability Sunburst
Type Icon TypeGrass Icon TypeFire
Species Hula Dancer Pokémon
Weight 67.9 lbs 30.80 kg
Height 3'10" 1.17 m
Color Orange
Habitat Desert
Experience 800,000 at Lv. 100
Gender 87.5% 12.5%
EV Yield 2 S.Def 1 Atk
Egg Group Humanshape Plant

Hulahaze is a dual-type Grass/Fire-type Pokémon

It evolves from HUMANOID SEED at Level 32. It is the final form of FIERY SEED.



Hulahaze is a humanoid Grass/Fire-type Pokémon. It has an elongated body and a very thin waist. Its eyes are large and red colored. It has two long palm leaves on its head that appear to be its "hair." It wears a skirt made of palm leaves around its waist. Its body is a light green color. It has long legs with two, ballerina-like feet.

Gender DifferencesEdit

Female Hulahaze have longer skirts.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Hulahaze has the ability to summon intense sunlight. It can also perform a wide range of dances.


Hulahaze is rarely not dancing. It has different dances for each of its moods.


It lives near oases in the desert.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex EntryEdit

It can often be found dancing alone in the middle of the desert. Unlike most plants, it can survive on little water for years at a time.


Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Total 515

In-Game SpriteEdit



By Level-UpEdit

Level Move Type
-- Solarbeam Icon TypeGrass
-- Agility Icon TypePsychic
-- Pound Icon TypeNormal
04 Razor Leaf Icon TypeGrass
09 Attract Icon TypeNormal
13 Refresh Icon TypeNormal
18 Swords Dance Icon TypeNormal
22 Magical Leaf Icon TypeGrass
27 Teeter Dance Icon TypeNormal
32 Captivate Icon TypeNormal
35 Blaze Kick Icon TypeFire
43 Last Resort Icon TypeNormal
48 Synthesis Icon TypeGrass
55 Petal Dance Icon TypeGrass

By TMEdit

TM Move Type
01 Focus Punch Icon TypeFighting
06 Toxic Icon TypePoison
09 Bullet Seed Icon TypeGrass
10 Hidden Power Icon TypeNormal
11 Sunny Day Icon TypeFire
12 Taunt Icon TypeDark
15 Hyper Beam Icon TypeNormal
17 Protect Icon TypeNormal
19 Giga Drain Icon TypeGrass
21 Frustration Icon TypeNormal
22 Solarbeam Icon TypeGrass
27 Return Icon TypeNormal
31 Brick Break Icon TypeFighting
32 Double Team Icon TypeNormal
35 Flamethrower Icon TypeFire
38 Fire Blast Icon TypeFire
40 Aerial Ace Icon TypeFlying
41 Torment Icon TypeDark
42 Facade Icon TypeNormal
43 Secret Power Icon TypeNormal
44 Rest Icon TypePsychic
45 Attract Icon TypeNormal
46 Thief Icon TypeDark
50 Overheat Icon TypeFire
52 Focus Blast Icon TypeFighting
53 Energy Ball Icon TypeGrass
56 Fling Icon TypeDark
58 Endure Icon TypeNormal
60 Drain Punch Icon TypeFighting
61 Will-o-Wisp Icon TypeFire
68 Giga Impact Icon TypeNormal
70 Flash Icon TypeNormal
75 Swords Dance Icon TypeNormal
78 Captivate Icon TypeNormal
82 Sleep Talk Icon TypeNormal
83 Natural Gift Icon TypeNormal
86 Grass Knot Icon TypeGrass
89 U-Turn Icon TypeBug
90 Substitute Icon TypeNormal

By Move TutorEdit

Move Type
Encore Icon TypeNormal
Switcheroo Icon TypeDark
Fake Tears Icon TypeDark
Fire Punch Icon TypeFire
ThunderPunch Icon TypeElectric
Seismic Toss Icon TypeFighting
Counter Icon TypeFighting
Heat Wave Icon TypeFire
Double-Edge Icon TypeNormal
Weather Ball Icon TypeNormal
Seed Bomb Icon TypeGrass
Headbutt Icon TypeNormal
Sacred Fire Icon TypeFire
Seed Flare Icon TypeGrass
Consult Move Tutor page for more info.

By Egg MovesEdit

Move Type
Seed Bomb Icon TypeGrass
Leaf Storm Icon TypeGrass
Sweet Scent Icon TypeNormal
Faint Attack Icon TypeDark
Nasty Plot Icon TypeDark
Role Play Icon TypePsychic
Jump Kick Icon TypeFighting
Charm Icon TypeNormal
Quick Attack Icon TypeNormal