Like most new games, Pokémon: The Ruby Dagger Murders will introduce new features. Some will play a major part in the storyline and others will be small, aesthetic features.

The Fame MeterEdit

The Fame Meter will play one of the biggest parts in the storyline. You'll have to maintain a certain level of fame in order to access certain areas of the game. While this won't play much of a part earlier in the game, there will be certain areas and people who will only talk to you if you have a certain fame level.

The easiest way to maintain a high fame level is to win battles and rarely lose. There will also be numerous quests and tasks given to you by NPCs that boost your fame level. Other methods of raising your fame level include: catching a certain number of Pokémon, defeating/capturing Legendary Pokémon, and winning contests.

Wild Pokémon in CitiesEdit

Pokémon are wild creatures who aren't only found in tall grass, lakes and caves. Some species make their homes in the alleyways of cities. The encounter rate is low but there's still a chance of you running into a Pokémon. Which one depends on what city or town you're in. Larger cities tend to have Pokémon like Meowth and Spearow. Towns in the desert may find themselves encountering Leerkat and Diggant. Seaside towns will normally encounter Wingull.

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