The story begins in the eastern hideaway known as Capri City. You were born into a family of brilliant detectives and explorers. Your father was the most brilliant mind born into your family in generations. He was accredited with discovering the entrance to the ancient Felianas Temple and apprehending the "Great Thief Murkrow Man." He has instilled into you a sense of justice and pride passed down to him by his parents. Recently, you had begun to accompany him on his cases around Hadysium in hopes of learning something.

Two months before the game begins, your father receives a call from his close friend Lindy, the head of the Hadysium Police Department. It appears that the Great Thief Murkrow Man had escalated from petty thievery to murder. Recently, two murders had occurred using the thief's signature: a ruby encrusted dagger. The police were perplexed however. Nothing appeared to be stolen from the victims: an elderly widow in Silkcrest City and a museum curator in Guernsey City. There was nothing to connect the two victims either. So because your father had past experience with the Thief, the police department wished for his assistance on the case. Hoping to bring down his old nemesis, he agreed immediately and quickly began to pack his things.

Before leaving, he tells you he'll be back soon and that he'll keep in touch periodically. With that, he departs with his trusted (evolution of the starter weak to your starter) for Silkcrest City.

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